Land Meets Water Exhibition Launch with: Poetry & performance by Sarah Pennington & Audrey Dunne. Plus HIPclub’s 1st Photography Exhibition.


It’s nearly the first Friday of the month again (3rd April) and that means a new exhibition for The Creative and Cultural Company. Land Meets Water will run for 2 months in POP (Pride Of Place) Art Space Princes Quay. Open from 12 daily.
It would be lovely to see you at the Launch on Friday. When there will be performances by Sara Pennington & Audrey Dunne.
Audrey Dunne is going to be reading poems from her own collection, Humberlands, and also poetry from Michael Mckimm’s Fossil Sunshine, which includes poems written about the East Riding coastline.
Sarah Pennington presents:
Artwork from the ‘Revelations on The Edge’ and ‘3 Ways to Serve a Scallop’ collections – inspired by life in the Outer Hebrides.
Sarah Pennington’s ‘Conchyliorium Byvalvium’ performance explores the symbolism of the scallop shell, evoking thoughts of travel and communication. She invites the audience to participate in a mindful personal journey within the gallery space as she describes in a poetic prose reading certain aspects of the scallop as symbol. The participants are encouraged to carry a cast of a scallop shell dish and to write a word in it as instructed during the performance.
The piece was created as part of an ongoing exploration into the metaphorical and factual nature of the scallop, as a symbol for trade and bridging language. The words gathered here will contribute to a further piece of writing.
It also accompanies a book outlining a number of natural facts, historical uses and attached beliefs around the scallop, which was made for Leeds Artist Book Fair as one of an edition as a collective through Sheffield Hallam University, and which is on sale at POP during the show.

Park on level 4 and pay only £1 for the evening.
See you Friday or in the next two months 🙂


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