Polish Exhibition Launch at Hull International Photography Gallery

Copyright Norbert Pietraszek
Photography by Norbert Pietraszek

Polski Punkt Widzenia (A Polish Point of View) 

We are delighted to launch a new international exhibition of photography Polski Punkt Widzenia (A Polish Point of View) – at HIP (Hull International Photography) Gallery, Upper Deck, Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Hull, on Friday 3rd July 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm. The exhibition is free entry and will be open until 18th September.

This exciting exhibition showcases the work of five Polish photographers:
Dorota Kozerska
Adrian Markiewicz
Norbert Pietraszek
Agnieszka Szczurowska
Dr Gabriela Buzek-Garzyńska

Professor Joseph Carby-Hall, Polish Hon. Consul at the Consulate of the Republic of Poland and its Branch for Scientific and Educational co-operation said “This exhibition, which aims to develop cultural links between Hull and the rest of the world, is a result of our work with the Creative and Cultural Gateway and illustrates the work of Polish photographers living and working in Poland as part of the Polish Diaspora.

Darren Squires (Projects Director at The Creative and Cultural Co.) said:
“We are indebted to both the Polish Consulate in Hull and the Polish Community Centre for their help and support in creating this exhibition and within The Creative and Cultural Gateway as a whole.”

After the launch, the exhibition can be seen at the HIP Gallery daily 12 noon until 5pm Monday to Saturday, and 12 noon until 4 pm on Sundays.


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