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Alan Raw

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Hull Independent Photography Festival 2018

HIP Photo Festival 2018
Hull Independent Photography Festival 2018

5 October – 28 October
5 Oct at 18:30 to 28 Oct at 17:00 pm

HIP Gallery (Hull Independent Photography Gallery)
Princes Quay, Princes Dock Street Level 1, HU1 2PQ Kingston upon Hull

Hull Independent Photography Festival 2018

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HIPfest (Hull International Photography Festival) is an annual event where the art of photography is celebrated. An event where professionals come to exhibit, sell work, buy photography products, exchange ideas, and network. But also as an opportunity for the newly qualified, amateur and emerging photographer of any age and ability to immerse themselves in the world of photography, learn, share their passion and showcase their work alongside the best in the world.

This year will include the exciting arrival of PhotoCity at the festival in partnership with Fujiholics. A £5 wristband gives you access to all 10 exhibitions, the HIPfest Prize Draw, discounts on site, learning opportunities and the ability to purchase workshop & masterclass tickets. The separately ticketed (coming soon) workshops and masterclasses will be priced from 10 to 20 pounds but must be accompanied by a £5 festival wristband to gain entry. Get your wristband and come to HIPfest2018 to meet Brian Griffin, Marilyn Stafford, Peter Dench, Matthew Finn, Sean Tucker, Matt Hart and many more.

POP – Exhibition

POP - Brian Griffin

27 dates · 5 Oct – 4 Nov
POP – Brian Griffin
HIP Gallery

You will need a £5 HIPFest wristband to attend this exhibition.

Available at Eventbrite.

In November 2017, Brian Griffin launched his book, “POP”. The book is a comprehensive exploration of the music photography by Brian, shot for album covers, single sleeves, posters, and press. It contains photographs and illustrations of 160 record covers from more than 100 bands and musicians including many which are previously unpublished – including Ian Dury, The Clash, Depeche Mode, Echo and The Bunnymen, Iggy Pop, Kate Bush, The Specials, Elvis Costello and many more.

Brian Griffin’s “POP” exhibition is a selection of photographs taken from this book.
Brian Griffin first began photographing the music world for STIFF records in the late 1970s and soon became the predominant visual chronicler of New Wave, Post-Punk, and the New Romantics. Working from his studio in Rotherhithe, often on low budgets and before the age of photo-shop, Griffin’s technical naivety resulted in the major visual invention.

For more information on Brian and his work, visit his website at

Retrospective – Marilyn Stafford

Retrospective - Marilyn Stafford

21 dates · 5 Oct – 28 Oct
Retrospective – Marilyn Stafford
Space 2, Level 2, Princes Quay Shopping Centre, HU1 2PQ

You will need a £5 HIPFest wristband to attend this exhibition.

You can purchase through our Eventbrite.

“Photographers don’t grow old – They just grow out of focus”

This exhibition is a retrospective of Marilyn Stafford’s remarkable photographic career.
Marilyn was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, in 1925. Following studies at the University of Wisconsin, Marilyn’s photographic career was launched in New York in 1948 when she was asked to photograph Albert Einstein by friends making a film about him. In the car on the way to Einstein’s home in New Jersey, she was given a camera and a quick lesson in how to use it.

Her internationally published work spans from 1948-1980 and covers a broad scope of subjects and periods of modern history. She has photographed prominent historical figures, international fashion, refugees and tribal peoples. As well as Einstein, her portraits include Edith Piaf, Italian writers Alberto Moravia, Carlo Levi and Italo Calvino, actor Lee Marvin, Sir Alan Lane, Sir Roland Penrose and Sir Richard Attenborough, among many others.

Marilyn now lives on the south coast of England.

For more information about Marilyn and her work, visit her website at

A1: Britain On The Verge – Exhibition

A1: Britain On The Verge - Peter Dench

24 dates · 5 Oct – 1 Nov
A1 – Peter Dench
Space 5, Level 3, Princes Quay Shopping Centre, HU1 2PQ

You will need a £5 HIPFest wristband to attend this exhibition.

Tickets are available for purchase through our Eventbrite.

Britain is in the midst of change. The divides across the country have been widened by the results of the 2016 vote calling for Brexit and 2017’s general election. There are many questions surrounding the issues of Brexit and the election that Dench wanted to put to the people of the nation.

Is life in Britain about to become better or worse? Will employment opportunities diminish, or thrive? What will happen to the economy? Are the British worried about the future and do the elderly care about it less than the young? Will immigrants in Britain feel unsafe and be forced to leave? How proud do people feel to be British?

The A1, Britain’s longest numbered road was Peter Dench’s connection to the people of Britain. It begins in the South, in the city of London, ending 410 miles later in Edinburgh. He travelled the length photographing the eclectic characters he met on his journey; in truck stops, cafes, temples, homes, businesses, and bars. The A1 provided a route of certainty in a time of tumult, through a nation on the verge.

Peter Dench is a photographer, videographer, presenter, writer, author, and curator.

He has over 20 years experience in the advertising, editorial, corporate, portraiture and video fields of image making.

For more information about Peter Dench and his work, visit his website at

A Stranger In My Mother’s Kitchen – Exhibition

Celine Marchbank - A Stranger In My Mothers Kitchen

27 dates · 5 Oct – 4 Nov
A Stranger In My Mother’s Kitchen – Celine Marchbank
Space 4, Level 3, Princes Quay Shopping Centre, HU1 2PQ

You will need a £5 HIPFest wristband to attend this exhibition.

Tickets are available through our Eventbrite.

In this exhibition, Celine Marchbank explores feelings of loss and grief. She illustrates her own personal method of how she moved through the loss of her Mother to cancer. Celine cooked and learned to grow food, photographing the process and using writing to express her grief. It provided a distraction for her as well as giving her a way to process the pain.

This exhibition will take the viewer on an intimate journey through Celine’s grief, her memories, her Mother’s life and the process of learning about living life as a daughter without a mother.

Celine is currently working on making the work for this exhibition into a book.

Celine Marchbank is a documentary photographer based in London, who is fascinated in capturing the beauty of everyday life. She spends her time between long-term documentary projects, exhibiting work regularly, and undertaking commercial and editorial work. She is also a regular sessional lecturer in documentary photography on the BA (Hons) Digital Photography course at Ravensbourne University in London.
For more information about Celine and her work, visit her website at

The River We Once Knew – David Morris

The River We Once Knew - David Morris

22 dates · 5 Oct – 3 Nov
The River We Once Knew – David Morris
Please note, dates and times may be subject to change for this event.

Tickets for HIPFest are available through our Eventbrite.

The River We Once Knew is a collection of David Morris’ earliest work in photography in the 1970s. All photos were taken in Hull. In his own words:
“These were some of my first attempts with a camera. I was after something romantic, picturesque, maybe in the manner of (photographer) Frank Sutcliffe…My old lecturer thought they were ‘good student photographs’, that is, nothing much to tell your mam about. It was a pedestrian everyday scene, something we took for granted and I’d got the light readings right that was all.”

Despite early comments, it cannot be denied that David’s photographs have stood the test of time, offering a window into a time passed.

For a taster of what is coming to HIPFest in October, visit the Pave cafe on Princes Avenue, Hull where David is currently showing a selection of his photos until later September 2018.

David Morris a fine art photographer based in Norfolk. He specialises in Land and Seascapes, Portraits and a series of long-term photographic obsessions. These include Barlife, The Hippodrome Circus, Hull (his home town) and The Household Cavalry.
For more information about David and his work, visit his website at

Writing Dangerously – Exhibition

Writing Dangerously Exhibition - Richard Lees

Until 23 Sept
Writing Dangerously – Exhibition
HIP Gallery
Prints from the exhibition will be available for purchase.


Richard Lees’ “Writing Dangerously” focuses on two literary giants, Mary McCarthy and Arundhati Roy, who each showed the courage of their beliefs by going to front-line war zones – Vietnam for McCarthy and central India for Roy – to find the truth buried beneath the lies and propaganda, and to write honestly about the realities they discovered.

Roy’s Walking With the Comrades (2011) and McCarthy’s Seventeenth Degree (1974) powerfully represent communities fighting back against the brutal onslaught of state war machines and the destruction of natural resources. For both the North Vietnamese and the Naxalites in central India, defending their lands against invasions and degradation is the root of their political struggle; Richard hopes that “Writing Dangerously” visually represents this deeply felt, communal connection to the lands they fight to protect.

The World Drumming Network – WOMAD 2018

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The World Drumming Network was at the 2018 WOMAD Festival and Alan Raw managed to get some great images of the event and the artists taking part.

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