Hull International Photography Festival


2017 was an important year for culture in Kingston-Upon-Hull with HIP Fest 2017 making it’s mark with a diverse 3 month itinerary of events.

After the success of HIP Fest (Hull International Photography Festival) over its 4 previous years (2014-2017), we are developing HIP Fest 2018 where the cultural importance of photography is recognised. A celebration of a physical art form, but one which is globally and digitally accessible. An event where professionals come to exhibit, network, sell work, exchange ideas, and meet contacts. But also as an opportunity for the newly qualified, amateur & emerging photographer of any age & ability to immerse themselves in the world of photography, find information, gain support, share their passion and showcase their work alongside the best in the world, to a global network of photographers, peers, curators, editors, agents, photo enthusiasts and the visiting public.

For HIP Fest 2016, we had exhibitions from Matt Finn, Peter Dench, the Travel Photographer of The Year show and many more.

For Hip Fest 2017, we had exhibitions from Dougie Wallace and many others, including another appearance from Matt Finn and Peter Dench.

There is so much more to tell you, but we have a festival site for that:

If you are interested in supporting HIP Fest, please contact Alan Raw:

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