Our History

February 2015: We are celebrating the Creative and Cultural Compay’s first birthday. Here’s a roundup of our first year’s achievements.

Our first art space, POP (Pride Of Place) Arts Space opened on 28th February 2014 in Princes Quay shopping centre. There were over 2000 visits in the first week with 30,000 visits in the first year. Over 250 artists exhibited in the first year.

POP Milestones


  • January 2016 – Rebirth and Renewal Exhibition


  • November 2015 – POP Winter Open Exhibition
  • October 2015 – Hull International Photography Festival
  • August 2015 – POP Summer Open Exhibition
  • June 2015 – The Art of Craft Exhibition
  • April 2015 – Land meets Water Exhibition
  • March 2015 – Polish and Eastern European network evenings
  • March 2015 – First Birthday
  • February 2015 – Figurative Exhibition
  • January 2015 – Alison Slack Soundmaps: hearing spaces – sound art project


  • February 2014 – Artspace launch and first exhibition
  • March 2014 – Earth theme
  • May 2014 – Freedom Flame welcome, parade, exhibitions and installations
  • June 2014 – Yorkshire Music Industry Photography Competition and Exhibition
  • June 2014 – Hull International Photography Festival
  • July 2014 – 4ourth4loor Independent album launch
  • July 2014 – Independent book launch
  • August 2014 – Independent themed exhibition
  • September 2014 – reCOGnition Festival inc. 5 album launches and lindy hop dance
  • September 2014 – POP Out Festival at Cornucopia curated by Debi Keable
  • November 2014 – POP Open First open exhibition and launch
  • November 2014 – Jack Frost Carnival Parade Installation

POP closed in March 2016 due to renovations in Princes Quay. We had a staggering 80,000 visitors into the gallery over the 2 year period.

POP was the UK home of The Freedom Flame from May 2014 to January 2015.

Hip Opening

Hull International Photography (HIP) Gallery

  • June 2016 – Relaunch of the gallery with Close to Abstract by Oshomi
  • May 2016 – Hull International Photography Gallery relocated from the Upper Deck to the Harbour Deck of Prince Quay
  • February 2016 – Brooklyn Capture by Poy Divinagracia
  • November 2015 -Bar Life by David Morris
  • October 2015 – Hull International Photography Festival
  • July 2015 – Polski Punkt Widzenia Exhibition
  • May 2015 – Open Culture Photography Exhibition
  • February 2015 – Kurdistan Photography Exhibition
  • January 2015 – HIP Gallery launched on to Google Culture Spot
  • January 2015 – launch of HIP Club young people’s weekly photography club
  • December 2014 – Launch of HIP Gallery and first international exhibition Fred Trobrillant (France)

POP Out Off-Site Activities

  • September 2014 – POP Out Exhibition at Cornucopia Festival
  • June 2014 – City of Culture Celebration Event POP Stage in Princes Quay

Hull International Photography Festival (HIP Fest) June 2014 – First HIP Fest programme including: Hull 70th Anniversary of D-Day, Photographic Exhibition with the Freedom Flame; Music Photography Exhibition with Music Industry Yorkshire; Hull School of Art & Design Photography students degree show; Heritage Collection by Innes Photography – Hull through the years 40s to 70s; International exhibition by François Brunelle (Montréal, Canada) and a programme of workshops. Festival to be held annually in October from 2015.

Glitch Studio (Artist Studio)

  • November 2014 – Jack Frost carnival installation built for Christmas parade, commissioned by Princes Quay Harbour Deck, Princes Quay
  • June 2014 – Characters built for Freedom Flame celebrations
  • June 2014 – World Drumming Network event


Creative and Cultural Gallery

Harbour Deck, Princes Quay Pop up art space open March – October 2014
Exhibitions and events:

  • October 2014 – Scare Vault, Student Fest and Dr Simpo’s pop up shop
  • September 2014 – reCOGnition Festival
  • July 2014 – Illustration exhibition
  • June 2014 – Hull International Photography Festival (annually in October of 2015)
  • March 2014 – Geoff Keen Retrospective

Festival Collaborations

  • Recognition Festival – September 2014
  • Freedom Festival celebration and stage – September 2014
  • Hull International Photography Festival (HIP Fest) – June 2014
  • Cornucopia Festival launched at Pop – March 2014

Groups Engaged

Groups worked with include: National Embroiders’ Guild, Judy’s Attic, ArtLink, Red Gallery, iota arts, Kingston Art Group (KAG), The Contingent, The Warren, Hall Road Primary School, Bishop Burton College, Hull School of Art and Design, reCOGnition, Hull Community Voices, Smash it Up, Freedom Chorus, Yo Samba, Follow the Heron, Hull Knitting Circle, Hull Carnival Arts, Focal Image, and Music Industry Yorkshire.


Workshops delivered for Hull Photography Festival by Ivor Innes, Viceversa Robbi Fotographia, Darren Rogers, David Neve, Ben O’Leary, Focal Image and Music Industry Yorkshire competition winner, Richard Duffy-Howard, and other workshops delivered by Alison Larkin, Judy’s Attic, Iota Arts (Little Giants Club) Ben Parsons.


In the first nine months of operation, there have been nearly 30,000 visits to the gallery. Collection of postcodes of visitors shows that we have had national and international visitors with the majority coming from the HU area. There is an even spread over HU postcodes. Over 250 artists have exhibited work, over 20 groups have used the spaces for exhibition, workshops or working art space.