The Creative & Cultural Gateway

The Creative & Cultural Gateway was a project used to develop links, cultural partnership & arts exchanges between Hull and with other countries.

The Creative and Cultural Company were delighted to have links and partnerships with arts organisations across the world, with us creating particularly strong links in our partner towns of Rotterdam, Holland and Poland.

In 2007  Alan & Darren started developing our partnership work in Holland & Belgium, which developed into a multi-agency project, managed by Creative and Cultural Company and guided by the Creative & Cultural Gateway Steering Group. The project was for the benefit of numerous artists galleries and organisations in Hull, with the generous advice of Hull City Arts.

The Creative and Cultural Company Steering Group comprised:
Andrew Quinn
Alison Slack
Alan Raw
Lou Duffy-Howard
Anna Grzybowska
Sarah Pennington
Darren Squires
Altu Collingwood
with group adviser Clare Drury of Hull City Arts Unit


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